Monday, March 13, 2006

Beach Playground in March

We had a wonderful time this weekend with Grandpa and Grandma, Aunt Amy, Uncle Russ, and their two boys Christian and Nicholas.

We had a late lunch at Grandpa and Grandma's house and had fun playing in the gym and taking pictures in Grandma's studio.

Then we all went over to the hotel to go swimming in the pool!!!

I had soooooo much fun splashing in the pool and didn't want to get out even to eat dinner. But I was persuaded by chicken nuggets, fries, and milk!

I hadn't taken a nap all day so I was really tired when it was time for bed but it was just to exciting to go to sleep, so I was awake until 9:30 pm, when my normal bedtime is 8 pm.

I slept soundly until 9:30 the next morning!!!! Playing is such hard work, it tires a girl out!

Then we all went out to eat for breakfast. I had a wonderful time playing with Uncle Russ's Food. Good thing he didn't mind me sticking my spoon in his pancakes.

Finally, before heading home, we went to the local beach to play in the park. It was really cold and windy but I didn't care! It was so much fun swinging and sliding!!!!


Anonymous said...

We love seeing these pictures. Keira is growing up so fast. Give her hugs & kisses from us.
Love, Uncle Jim & Aunt Kathy

Jessica said...

Yes, playing is such hard work!

Anonymous said...

Hi! You are superrrr!!!! Konstantin from Russia :)