Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New Treadmill and Snow Day

I went shopping for a treadmill, after doing lots of research, and ended up buying one and cancelling my gym membership. I love the fact that I can run anytime and everything is within reach, but I miss getting out of the house and away from everything, even just for one hour a few nights a week. Now, I am contemplating joining a yoga class...I need some alone time! However, I am getting in more runs a week and walking a LOT more, so I am happy!

Here is Kiera on my new treadmill (on a snow day):

Don't You just love the outfit? She was taking a nap (not really sleeping) and decided that she was going to wear her "running pants" over her PJ's and her croc's too. Then, when I went to get her up, we were picking out clothes to wear for the day and she HAD to wear this racing hat of mine. LOL

I let her walk on the treadmill for a minute or two while I am behind her at a super slow speed, an she LOVES it!

And later in the day she found her old Halloween costume and just HAD to wear it. We had quite the fun day at home on this snow day.

I just love days like this when she is well behaved and we play all day without any problems, makes my heart smile!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

I am now 34! And to celebrate Jeremy and I got rid of Kiera for one night, so we could have a date night (THANKS GRANDMA!!!!). I had lunch with Sue and Kiera before heading off to snowshoe with my sister. Then off for a quick shower and drive to TC for Red Lobster Crab Legs (YUMMY!), and then to Interlochen Center for Arts for an Orchestral concert. Back home for a nice quiet morning of sleeping in until 10 am!!!!!!!!!!! Jeremy went to pick up Kiera while I went for a nice 4 mile run followed by a long hot bubble bath. Then Jeremy made me dinner and we finished the celebration off with brownies and a glass of wine! What a wonderful weekend!!!!!!!!

Friday, January 11, 2008


Kiera and I found this adorable Bath Robe (we've had since our baby shower, and was too big) in her closet, she loved it and promptly named it her "Hi-ya!".

We tried to get video of it but our videocam was out of tape and had a dead battery. :(

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Merry Christmas?

Ho Ho Ho...Merry *cough, hack, snif, moan* Christmas?

Just when I thought we were over the sickies, from Dec. 14th to the 18th, with the stomach flu for Kiera and a huge head cold for me, leaving us bed-ridden for days, we find out on Christmas eve that she has pink eye! After a trip to the hospital for medicine and a diagnosis, we have a lovely, if not swollen Christmas day. Only to find out the next morning that I have woken up with a fever and body aches...will it never end?

I sucessfully manage to get dressed and in the car, no small feat, since I feel like death. Only to arrive 8 hours later at my grandmothers house feeling no better. Another day of fever and body aches, then another, until I finally feel a sore throat, to which I must go to the hospital again (on my VACATION!) to get a diagnosis of strep thraot and an antibiotic Rx. I feel a little better the next day, but manage to feel crappy until Dec. 31st, just in time to celebrate the new year with friends.

I have a few drinks and a good time at home laughing with friends and eating good food while playing a fun game before watching the ball drop and bring in the new year with health! Finally!!!