Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Merry Christmas?

Ho Ho Ho...Merry *cough, hack, snif, moan* Christmas?

Just when I thought we were over the sickies, from Dec. 14th to the 18th, with the stomach flu for Kiera and a huge head cold for me, leaving us bed-ridden for days, we find out on Christmas eve that she has pink eye! After a trip to the hospital for medicine and a diagnosis, we have a lovely, if not swollen Christmas day. Only to find out the next morning that I have woken up with a fever and body aches...will it never end?

I sucessfully manage to get dressed and in the car, no small feat, since I feel like death. Only to arrive 8 hours later at my grandmothers house feeling no better. Another day of fever and body aches, then another, until I finally feel a sore throat, to which I must go to the hospital again (on my VACATION!) to get a diagnosis of strep thraot and an antibiotic Rx. I feel a little better the next day, but manage to feel crappy until Dec. 31st, just in time to celebrate the new year with friends.

I have a few drinks and a good time at home laughing with friends and eating good food while playing a fun game before watching the ball drop and bring in the new year with health! Finally!!!


Wendy said...

I'm so sorry you all had so much illness around the holidays. There's lots of it going around, though! I had three infections, Dan had a bad asthma episode...

Here's to a happy, healthy New Year!

Vanessa said...

Ick. Sorry about all the sickies. Hopefully you have gotten it all out of your systems!