Tuesday, June 20, 2006

New Words

Jeremy and I were curious how many words Kiera was speaking...so we tried to write them all down...we stopped somewhere around 150 words! She is adding new ones every day.

Just yesterday she said three new things very clearly:
Danya (the name of her daycare provider),
Kiera (YAY!!! Finally said her name!!!, we have been working on this FOREVER),
and "I LUV YOU" (I haven't heard this yet, but daddy swears she said it to him).

Other favorite words are:
My Daddy
My Mommy
Poo poo
Boo (Boot, Sandal, Shoe)
Ow-shide (Outside)
Watey (Water)
Ungree (Hungry)
Muck (milk)
Tee (teeth)
Cracker (this is any kind of snack; cereal, crackers, chips, etc.)
Stuck (everything that doesn't do what she wants is "stuck", hahaha)
Night Night
Yay! (then claps)

She just gets cuter and cuter every day!

Sunday night she wouldn't go to sleep, so I finally thought "wonder if something hurts?" (duh), so I asked if her mouth, tummy, head, toes, etc. hurt. She just looked at me...so I said "are you thirsty or hungry?" and she nodded her head yes! YAY!!! We have two way communication about basic wants and needs!!!!

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Jessica said...

According to some studies, she's adding four to ten new words to her vocabulary every day! Isn't that amazing??

By far, my favorite word on the list has to be "stuck" (it's my favorite due to usage, of course).