Sunday, June 03, 2007

Fun Saturday at Home

We started out the day with one of my fondest memories as a kid, helping wash the car. It was great fun, Kiera did a wonderful job, and got drenched of course!

Then it was off to play in the sprinkler that Daddy bought for Kiera. I should have thought of the swimsuit earlier, oh well. Kiera calls it her "swim soup", LOL!

She had a ball, litterally, since the sprinkler is the shape of a giant beach ball. But it was time to dry off and head inside for a little lunch.

I must have worked her to the bone, because she ate a whole PB&J sandwich and chips with dip. Unheard of for Kiera while at home, she is usually such a little bird when eating for Mommy and Daddy.

Sleeping peacefully with her paci, blankie, Pooh Bear, and Eeyore...not to mention 4 pillows, LOL. These are a must for Kiera to sleep at home! We can sometimes get away with just the paci, blankie, and Pooh when traveling. But watch out for the temper tantrum in the car if you don't have them and she want's to nap!!! But looking at this picture she is so sweet!

After the nap it was still beautiful and warm out so Kiera wanted to play in the sprinkler again with her swim soup. We went out and had a wonderful time jumping over the sprinkler, running around it and dumping water on each other. Here she is with her water bucket on her head...LOL.

Now, she is tired of Mommy taking her picture and says, "No, Mommy. No picture." But it still turned out beautiful!

Here we are goofing around. We had such a wonderful day!!!!!!


Erin said...

Looks like a great time!!!! I love the swim soup term and the bucket head!! LOL!

Wendy said...

What a wonderful day!!! She looks adorable in her swim soup, and like an angel when she's sleeping. Fun, fun!

Kayla said...

LOL at the "swim soup!!"" Looks like you had a fabulous day!!

Vanessa said...

She is adorable playing and asleep! Love all the pics!

scienceesl said...

Oh it looks like a wonderful day!!!

Brandee said...

This is a beautiful story of a wonderful day!!

Anonymous said...

Our girl is adorable in her "swim soup" I love the Pics as always! xoxo

Anonymous said...

anonymous is me, grandma sue, sorry didn't know how to put my name in