Thursday, February 09, 2006

Poor little sickie...

Oh my, what a week!!!

Kiera decided to get sick and puke all over the place the day before the Super Bowl XL, really early in the morning waking daddy and mommy out of a deep sleep. It's amazing how quick you spring out of bed when someone is puking.

All day Saturday and Sunday we were treating her with medicine and she kept having a fever on and off both days, but after checking on her at half-time, she was burning up with a temp of 103.9!!!! We decided the hospital was a good place to visit since we weren't able to keep her fever down for two days.

Doc says it is a virus, and has caused an ear infection (her first), and they gave us an antibiotic to make her better, so mommy stayed home Monday to take care of our little sickie.

She went to daycare Tuesday after not having a fever for 24 hours. But she wasn't eating and hasn't eaten much of anything since Friday...Mostly just milk and Goldfish crackers. Daycare says she was still very cranky and just wanted to be held a lot.

So, that night she had another fever, and mommy stayed home with her again on Wednesday.

Finally here we are Thursday, and she has a very bad cough and congestion and is sleeping horribly, but we have her on so much medicine, that it is actually starting to work and she is a little happier and eating better.

I hope she is back to normal soon for her sake and mine. We both need more sleep!!!!


Alison and Skyler said...

Aww, I hope Kiera is doing better now!

Jessica said...

Poor kid! (Poor mommy and daddy, too.)