Monday, February 25, 2008


At age 3 1/2, it was well past due to give up the pacifier, but since it was only a night sleeping thing, we accepted it.

We tried the "give it to Santa" trick at x-mas, and for a while she was on-board, but then when it got closer, Kiera decided that she wanted to keep the paci.

On Wednesday night as I was putting Kiera to bed, I asked her what it would take to get rid of it? At first she was against the idea and said she wanted to keep it thinking I was going to take it away right that minute, but then joined me in my game, after realizing I was just trying to come up with some fun ideas. I asked her if she wanted a celebratory party with cake and balloons to celebrate getting rid of the paci and becoming a big girl, she said no. I asked what she wanted...she thought for a minute and said Dora and Diego Playdoh, I said OK!

The next day when I got home from work, somehow it came up again and Kiera insisted on going and getting the paci right then and there and trowing it away. So we did (but then pulled it out after her back was turned, and hid it, in case she threw a huge fit wanting it back later), and then went to the store to get her the Dora and Diego Playdoh. After a short stint in the clearance section we found the Playdoh and immediately found the Dora and Diego Playdoh. Much to my surprise it wasn't anything spectacular, just two tubs of Playdoh with a Dora on top of one and a Diego on top of the other. I was happy that it wasn't some elaborate toy costing a large amount of money! However, Kiera quickly found another toy that excited her more than the original toy that we came for, and much to my delight it was only a double the price of two tubs of Playdoh! I could hardly believe my good luck in getting off so easily! I was willing to give her much more than a measly $12 toy, but that is what she wanted!!!! So, we bought the "Doggy Doctor" Playdoh set and went home to an evening of fun play before bed.

I have to admit that bedtime was a little trying, she was very hyper and wouldn't stop talking, but Kiera only asked for the paci once or twice. However, at 4am she woke up and came over to our bed and didn't fall back asleep for an hour until I put her back into her own bed. I was very tired on Friday. Again, Friday evening, Kiera was very talkative and only asked for the paci once or twice. I was thrilled that it was going so well! However, Saturday and Sunday were pure torture as she asked for the paci repeatedly and screamed at me not to leave her because she didn't want to sleep. Saturday, I was able to get her to stop crying relatively quickly by giving her a Superman Action Figure to help her sleep without the paci. However Sunday I was not able to get her to stop, and actually had to let her cry it out. :( It broke my heart, but I was not going to give in and give her the paci, so I went and threw it away for real this time, because Jeremy was -- (this) close to giving it to her. We'll see how tonight goes, wish us luck!


The said...

I am so going to buy her a new paci.

- daddy mcbain

Erin said...

Yay big girl!!!

Vanessa said...

Growing up can be hard to do sometimes... I hope by now you are all sleeping peacefully.

Wendy said...

What a big girl! I hope she is perfectly adjusted now.